“Twelfth Night” Weather Forecast

Check here for the latest to expect the evening you’re attending.


Performance Date:  Sunday, June 26, 2011

Performance:  8:00 pm / Check-in Begins:  6:00 pm / Seat Selection Begins:  7:20 pm

Forecast:  High 67 / Low 63 this evening with a 0% chance of rain.

Overall:  Dress for an outdoor evening.  Consider bringing a lap blanket.


Outdoor theatre. It’s wonderful. It’s magical. It’s… outside.

To help you make the most of your outdoor theatre experience, we will post the weather forecast every performance day of Twelfth Night . Check here to help decide whether you need more sunscreen or a sweater for the evening. We want your experience to be wonderful and magical, but not an unpleasant surprise.

Please bear in mind, weather forecasting is also a bit like magic – especially to those of us who work in theatre. We’ll be consulting the Feste of climate (aka weather.com) for these daily forecasts. Also, we’ve noticed that weather magic tends to dilute beyond a day, so we’ll only be posting the forecast for the upcoming days’ performance.

Some other general, weather related things to let you know about…
In the distressing event that an actual tempest occurs and we have to cancel a performance, we will post it here as well. We generally won’t make that call until very close to curtain time, so chances are you may already be at the performance space. We’re sorry. We’re also sorry, but we aren’t able to add more performances to make-up for a rain-out. We’re happy to try to transfer your reservation to any future available performance date if at all possible.



  1. Bill Jackson said,

    I’m here to check the weather. I’ve heard that it’s raining tonight, but it may stop before noon and then become tempestuous in the night. I don’t mind a bit o’ wet. I watched four hours of HAMLET at APT in the rain. If the actors can take it, I bloody well can. At least I got to sit and there were two intervals to wring out. I’ll check the site in the morning unless you’ve got something to send me. Sheri and I are meeting for coffee and then we’re heading for Alverno if the Good Lord’s willin’ and the sea don’t rise.
    I remain

    Hopefully yours,

    Bill Jackson

  2. Gayle Johnson said,

    There are blue skies out here in Nashotah – hope you see the same further east!

  3. A-E Shapera said,

    I have my mac and wellies ready! I admire each and every one of you intensely, and I’m not simply biased ‘coz MBTC’s the makeup boy.

  4. Lisa said,

    How is the weather looking? We are traveling in from Racine… looks pretty tempestuous…

    • optimisttheatre said,

      And, the show did go on. The lightning called for a last minute change during the latter part of the performance but “The Show Must Go On” and it did.

  5. TWELFTH NIGHT Weather Page is Updated « Optimist Theatre's Blog and Latest Info said,

    […] We’ve updated our Shakespeare in the Park weather blog page and it’s all ready for some Twelfth Night daily forecasts.  Each performance day, we’ll post the weather forecast for that evening HERE. […]

  6. Dusty Dirt said,

    Show on for tonite, correct? still seats? please say yes! 🙂

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