Lawn Seating for TWELFTH NIGHT

May 31, 2011 at 1:49 pm (2011 Shakespeare in the Park) (, , )

Greetings Shakespeare in the Park fans!

Didn’t quite make it for audience seating reservations for TWELFTH NIGHT? Well, all is not lost! Lawn seating is still a possibility. Here’s what to do…

#1 Get your order in anyway. That order enters you onto the waiting list and those are the folks who will get first dibs for lawn seating, too.

There are 3 lawn seating areas available within the Alverno Alumnae courtyard and, between them all, we can welcome 40 more people in per the fire regulation limits.  Your name will already be on the waiting list for a specific date, so you would have priority for lawn seating space that evening.

Enter your order via the Optimist Theatre Box Office by clicking HERE.

#2  Consider blanket versus lawn chairs.

2 of the 3 spaces available for lawn seating will only be for blankets.  The 3rd space will accommodate lawn chairs, but visibility of the stage is limited.  The 2 spaces that will be available for blankets on the grass both provide good visibility to the stage.  We’re sorry, but we cannot allow any lawn chairs within the 2 lawn spaces closest to the stage.

#3  Give it a shot!

Last year, we discovered that there is a percentage of folks who reserve seats but just don’t show up.  We were happily able to accommodate everyone who walked-in either within the audience because of no-shows or on the lawns with their own chairs and blankets.

This year, we anticipate fewer ‘no-shows’ but there will be some.  Parking is free at Alverno.  The grounds for pre-performance gathering are grassy and lovely.  Fellow theatre-lovers will be picnicking and enjoying some live music.  We hope to see you there, too.


Susan Scot Fry

Managing Director


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