Highlights from Milwaukee’s first ever free Shakespeare in the Park

June 21, 2010 at 11:59 am (Tempest Cast and Crew Thoughts, The Tempest Updates) (, , , , , )

“A hit, a very palpable hit.”

Through temperatures and tempests.  On glorious, mild and star-spangled eve’s.  The cast and crew of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest brought it.

Huge kudos and thanks to all the goodly folke who created and came this past weekend.  The feedback in person and via email has been glorious and gratifying.  A a grateful speck in the big scheme, it’s imperative that I share this cache of happiness with you all.

Here’s what people have said…

Updated and added to 7-8-10:

Hi! We just returned from seeing “The Tempest”.  It was wonderful!  Thank you so much for such a lovely evening.  The creativity and acting were terrific.  You proved that one can do a lot without a big budget.  Good for you!  Do you plan on doing more productions?  Hope so.  Good luck in your endeavors! Thank you.

My daughter & I really had a wonderful evening for your first ever FREE Shakespeare in the Park………ALFRED AND LYNN WOULD BE SO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU   (ck out the story on who may have  really authored all of W S work)   THANKS AGAIN AND SEE YOU AGAIN!!!!!

A friend and I enjoyed the Tempest at Alverno last evening.  The tribe was fantastic as was the entire cast.  We certainly hope that you are able to continue doing this wonderful evening entertainment for years to come.

Thank you for sponsoring such a wonderful event.  Bravo!

Wonderful evening. So glad we took the time to come out. Thank you so much.

Susan,  What a charming, divine rendering of the Tempest!  Of course, I was enchanted by the revels of Ariel and Prospero.  The words of the Bard lept off the page in their hands/feet and I was captivated.  Even being the first public show, it was an engaging company performance, as well.    Certainly the weather even helped give the island aura.  Bravo to all!  Not the least of which is your clear and expert handling of tickets and directions.  Many blessings for the rest of the run.

Saw the performance today – magnificent.  A bit warm, but that was not in your conrol.  Everything from the staging (simple but used well), costume design, talent, etc was a joy.  Hope you are able to find the means to continue this venue.  We drove an hour to get there and would do it over and over again.  Thanks to everyone involved…

Congratulations on this wonderful achievement. I do hope you can enlarge your schedule next year.

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday’s  presentation  of “The Tempest”. There were many memorable performances, particularly (but not solely)   those of  Ariel and Caliban .  As always, James Pickering was a delight.  The costumes of “The Tribe” and of the goddesses were  fascinating . The “choreography” of their stage movements was very imaginative .  The peaceful, intimate  and secluded (yet accessible) courtyard of Alverno College  was a great choice.We will encourage our friends who were not able to attend this year to attend any future performances .We hope you will find the resources to mount one or more  productions of ‘”Shakespeare in the Park” in  2011.

We attended the performance last evening and were VERY impressed.  Beautiful setting, very well organized and the acting was superb!  Thanks to everyone for making this possible.
It was outstanding! Thank you for the opportunity to (finally) appreciate Shakespeare.
Just wanted to say that my daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance Friday night. We wanted to thank all those involved with making it a delightful evening, and wanted to especially thank the actors for pursuing it to the finish, even indoors. We appreciated that very much.  Well done all around!
Last night I attended the performance of The Tempest.  My five companions and I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  This is a wonderful project, and I sincerely hope that you are able to do it again next year!  Thank you, and my compliments to your talented cast and crew.
I did go last night and was able to get a seat. What a fantastic setting and production! I can’t wait for next season.


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