I saw Angela do this thing at rehearsal last night…

June 10, 2010 at 3:31 pm (The Tempest Updates) (, , , , )

Angela Iannone is solidly in the ‘makes my mouth hang open’ category.  It’s getting closer to show opening, so I’m not able to make it to every rehearsal.  When I do, it’s a joy to see what’s happened and where this cast has gone.

The cast started integrating the live music into the performance this week.  As Ariel, Angela is right in the thick of things.  It’s got to be frustrating, all the stops and starts, but they keep at it.  Anyway, one of the pieces they were working last night is the masque.  I had seen it without the music and at various phases in development and already had an appreciation for where it was going.  Last night, I looked up from my program proof and there was Angela on stage.  Her physical embodiment of Ariel playing a goddess was delicious, precise and sublime.  I swear, I forgot to breathe.

The answer to “How can she do that?” is obvious.  It’s years of training and dedication combined with natural physical gifts and discipline.  It doesn’t stop me from asking.

RSVP’s for The Tempest are rolling in very, very quickly.  I believe that I’ll be sending the ‘very sorry, but we’re SRO’ email responses quite soon.

I hope you get to see it.


Susan Scot Fry


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  1. Angela I. said,

    Susan you crack me up. And oh dear, could we find a more flattering picture? I’m smiling as I say that, but oh my vanity. And.. in answer to your question, every day I push the rock back up the hill. 🙂

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