The Tempest Treasure Hunt Has Begun!

May 11, 2010 at 12:18 pm (Tempest) (, )

And, the winner is… RICH GILLARD!  Congratulations, Rich on being the first person to suss out the Anodyne in Bay View.

(Original message below…)

The first book version of The Tempest has been released into the wild!

5-11-10:  Your first clue….








Not me.  I just need caffeine.  How about you?

5-12-10:  Your Next Clue…

It’s a lovely day to curl up with a book in a room with a View.  Of the Bay.


Susan Scot Fry, Agent for Optimist Theatre

Update…  And, we have a winner!  First part – anyway.  The first person to guess where the book had been released into the wild is Rich Gillard.  Go, Rich!  Thanks for playing.

The next book will be released in a few days, so keep watching.



  1. Rowan Bristol said,

    Oh this is a fun game. A cure for what ails me.

  2. optimisttheatre said,

    I’ve got more clues, too. I’ll put one out every day until someone RSVP’s that they’ve found the book. Then, we’ll release another one into the wild.

  3. rsfry said,

    I know where it is! I know where it is!

  4. rsfry said,

    I thought I knew where it was.

  5. G said,

    Can we say where we think it is?

  6. Rowan Bristol said,

    Dammit. Now I want to move to Milwaukee. 😦

    • Jen said,

      Yeah… This whole Optimist Theater thing is making me want to move to Milwaukee. Curse you SSF! 😉

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