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Are you going to come see The Tempest?


Well, if the answer is obvious, then you need to become a Shakespeare in the Park Champion.

You see the value.  You understand how exciting and important this is.

Spread the word.

A Shakespeare in the Park Champion is an individual who not only raises their hand and says,” Yes! this is good and I’m going”  but also will commit to inviting at least one other human being who would not normally attend.

Consider your circle of friends, family and acquaintances.  Other than those you know would love the experience anyway, who can you invite?

Remember, it’s free!

There are several ways to be a Champion…

  • Tell them about the amazing cast and crew on board for The Tempest.  Send them to this link.
  • Forward the link to “How to RSVP” found here.
  • Arrange to go together.  Remember, it’s free!

We’d love it if you let us know so that we can thank you for your efforts, but don’t let that stop you.  Anyone can be a Shakespeare in the Park Champion at any time.

Together, we can bring free Shakespeare in the Park to our great community.



  1. optimisttheatre said,

    And, we have our First Shakespeare in the Park Champion!

    Norma Mortimer of Samuel Morse Middle School shared information about The Tempest with lots of her fellow teachers – including some that she knew would not really be interested in this sort of thing. With her enthusiasm, she has persuaded at least one of those teachers who wouldn’t otherwise go see The Tempest to go!

    Way to go, Norma! You’re not only a Shakespeare in the Park Champion, but you’re my hero.

  2. Reg said,

    Also, I forwarded information on to my old Shakespeare professor at school who promised to share it with his classes so hopefully that’ll persuade some more people to go!

  3. susanscotfry said,

    We received an RSVP for 22 students from Mount Mary College today!

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