It’s a Tempest in a Teapot out There!

December 9, 2009 at 3:13 am (The Tempest Updates)

Welcome to Optimist Theatre’s blog.

We’re feeling pretty optimistic about our upcoming production of The Tempest.  Debuting in June of 2010 in partnership with Alverno College and starring Milwaukee theatre legend James Pickering as Prospero.

Why?  We’ll tell you why.



  1. Jim said,

    This is great. I am embarrassed about the word “legend.” How about “stalwart?” Just fooling. I’m honored. Tom, ML, Scot, Jenny, Alex, and I had a great chinwag this morning. Enthusiasm running hot.
    Keep recovering.

  2. Angela Iannone said,

    Well, I think Jim is a legend..or legendary. Is that like the difference between famous and notorious? While Jim and I have worked together in two or three shows, no one has ever let us talk to each other onstage before. I am looking forward to putting into flesh Jim’s hot and fierce ideas about the Prospero/Ariel relationship. Stayed tuned for how sexy and brave this new world will be.

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